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Triangular pillow

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Navy Blue
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!!!We're already out of the green and black pillows! Get yours while there are still some in stock!!!

Explore Endless Possibilities 🥴

Say goodbye to those mundane pillows and elevate your comfort game with the Luvmie™ Pillow - the ultimate companion for your most daring escapades ;) Its top-notch cover, made from incredibly soft fabric, brings a hint of opulence, enriching your personal moments.

Get Ready To Fall In Love With This Pillow 💕

Discover heightened pleasure with the uniquely crafted sensual love pillow. Whether you seek to explore various positions or enhance comfort during intimate moments, the Luvmie™ Pillow is tailored to meet your needs, ensuring precise satisfaction and optimal support.


Simple to Use

Step 1: Open the inflation valve cover.

Step 2: Blow air through your mouth.

Step 3: Be sure to cover the inflation valve cover.

Step 4: Open the air valve cover and long press the middle button to eliminate the gas and fold the pillow.

Product information :
Material: PVC + flocking
Color: blue
Function and use : Sex position pad
Product name : Magic triangle pillow

Packing list:
Triangular pillow*1